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*Winner* of the Open Division Title at the 2004 NCHA Super Stakes: Fort Worth, TX

Cara Barry, from Byron IL (pictured left)


Had this to say about the HydraBull:

"I love working the HydraBull. I like how it can control my horse. I love how you can turn the bull away from you and then can take it back. Right before a show you want to tighten a horse down. You can take the HydraBull out front and bring it back and cause some more intensity from your horse. You can do this with the HydraBull because it's 3-dimensional. You can't do that with a live cow!"





"We have been using the HydraBull for 8 years and have had great success with our horses.

-Curt Storbakken, trainer







"I am a big fan of the HydraBull. With a very limited cattle supply, I have trained my cowhorses very successfully with this great training tool. It never gets sour, always does what you want and is suitable for any level of horse and rider."

-Sue Sultze: pictured above riding Sanjo Freckles - 2001 Reserve World Champion Working Cow Horse (Sue worked with Curt Storbakken on his mechanical cow for approximately 9 months prior to winning the 2001 title, and now they own their own HydraBull.)


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