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HydraBull History

8 years ago, Curt Storbakken (pictured left) utilized a hydrostatic mechanism to enhance the capability of his mechanical cow. The result of this effort proved to be an asset in his training program, both while instructing riders and training cow horses of all disciplines. Many trainers came to Curt's facility to work his mechanical cow and on return trips often brought their clients for instruction.

Curt came up with his idea as a result of the frustrations felt by many horse trainers faced with maintaining a fresh supply of cattle. The availability of good, fresh cattle is dwindling in all states. The cost is high, as in order to keep a workable herd there is a constant need to buy and sell. Often times the scenario seems to be buy-high and sell-low as prices by the pound fluctuate at market. In addition, there is the cost of feed, bedding, doctoring, the occassional loss of an animal and the hauling costs to and from market.

One of Curt's clients was Bob Gudmundson, a Washington ship builder whose kids were riding at Curt's training stables. When Bob saw Curt's mechanical cow he said, "I can build one of these." For a ship builder used to making big boats, like 240-foot barges and tug boats, you'd think it would be a cinch to make a mechanical bull, right? Still, it took 8 years of work and field testing in real-world training settings to perfect the design.

Bob Nelson (a 2-time NCHA Reserve World-Champion, pictured at right) of the Arrowhead Ranch in Medford, Oregon, kept pestering Curt and Bob to get one built for him. They did and ever since Bob got his HydraBull, he has been helping to promote its use to the horse training community. Bob has now been using his HydraBull for 2 years with fantastic results working his open and non-pro horses and riders.

Both Curt Stobakken and Bob Nelson are training horses daily. For cutting horses to reined cow horses and team penners, the HydraBull is simply an awesome tool.

Now, after 8 years of intense research and development on countless live training sessions...the HydraBull is ready for commercial production and is being made available to the horse training community.

If you'd like to see the HydraBull in action for yourself, we have a free demonstation video(all we ask is for you to pay $4.95 for the shipping).

We also have professional trainers (like Curt and Bob) who can come to your area to put on a live training clinic. If you'd like more information, please give us a call at 360-371-3623.


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