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With the HydraBull you can cut your live cattle costs by up to 70%.

Consider this:
If you have just 10 head of horses working cows, you'll need 140 cows per month (assuming 14 fresh cows per horse per month).

With the HydraBull you can likely reduce your live cattle needs to about 42 head per month.

With those kind of cost savings the HydraBull is a machine that literally pays for itself!

Understandably, at $17,500 the HydraBull isn't cheap (but you wouldn't want it to be either).

Financing is available.
Contact us for more information.

Another exciting option that we have to help you is a live clinic/demo days program. Get 10-20 friends or clients together for some hands on training with our professional training staff. These are intensive 2-day affairs that will give each participant multiple works in per day with the HydraBull. Click here to learn more about our live clinics.

And that's where the real pay-off comes, in the training arena. Every rider works a fresh cow every time! Not only that, but you can isolate exactly what you and your horse need to work on without ever getting your horse in trouble.

The HydraBull is so maneuverable that it can replicate just about any move a live cow would make. Other mechanical devices, like a flag or even a mechanical cow on a track are only two dimensional. They can't back away from or challenge a horse.



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